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In this work we study the Landau levels in the presence of topological defects. We analyze the behavior of electrons moving in a magnetic field in the presence of a continuous distribution of disclinations, a magnetic screw dislocation and a dispiration. We focus on the influence of these topological defects on the spectrum of the electron (or hole) in the(More)
BACKGROUND Anxiety and depression are common following traumatic brain injury (TBI), often co-occurring. This study evaluated the efficacy of a 9-week cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program in reducing anxiety and depression and whether a three-session motivational interviewing (MI) preparatory intervention increased treatment response. METHOD A(More)
In this work we study a charged particle in the presence of both a continuous distribution of disclinations and a continuous distribution of edge dislocations in the framework of the geometrical theory of defects. We obtain the self-energy for a single charge both in the internal and external regions of either distribution. For both distributions the result(More)