Cláudio Furtado

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A ceramic thick film humidity sensor was produced from an emulsion of titania powders by a spin coating technique using a low speed. Electrical measurements were taken between interdigital electrodes obtained by depositing silver paste on the oxide, then cured at 500 ◦C for 15 min. Different relative humidities of a dynamic atmosphere were obtained by(More)
The quantum dynamics of an induced electric dipole in the presence of a configuration of crossed electric and magnetic fields is analyzed. This field configuration confines the dipole in a plane and produces a coupling similar to the coupling of a charged particle in the presence of external magnetic field. In this work we investigate the analog of Landau(More)
Geusa de A. Marques, Cláudio Furtado, V. B. Bezerra and Fernando Moraes Departamento de F́ısica CCEN Universidade Federal da Paráıba, Caixa Postal 5008, 58051-970 João Pessoa,PB,Brazil Laboratório de F́ısica Teórica e Computacional, Departamento de F́ısica Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 50670-901 Recife, PE, Brazil In this work we study the Landau(More)