Cláudio Elízio Calazans Campelo

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Advances in mobile devices, sensors and wireless networks have motivated the development of context-aware applications. Such mobile applications use sensors for monitoring several features such as: location, temperature, velocity, weather, traffic jam, noise, air pollution, and so on. This monitoring enables service provision according to a given context.(More)
Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR) has become a very attractive area of research. GIR is a specialization of a traditional information retrieval system, which may index and search Web documents based on their spatial footprints. Research in this new field may be categorized into crawling spatial-related documents, modeling the geographic scope of a(More)
The enhancements in mobile device infrastructure enable the use of a location computer service while user is on the move; such systems are known as Location-Based Services (LBS). When these applications manage user profile and context, they are coined context-aware applications. In this paper we propose a service-oriented architecture for context-aware(More)