Cláudio Elízio Calazans Campelo

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Advances in mobile devices, sensors and wireless networks have motivated the development of context-aware applications. Such mobile applications use sensors for monitoring several features such as: location, temperature, velocity, weather, traffic jam, noise, air pollution, and so on. This monitoring enables service provision according to a given context.(More)
Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR) has become a very attractive area of research. GIR is a specialization of a traditional information retrieval system, which may index and search Web documents based on their spatial footprints. Research in this new field may be categorized into crawling spatial-related documents, modeling the geographic scope of a(More)
The easy production of data with geographic context has enabled a deeper engagement with people and has led to the emergence of Location-Based Social Networks-LBSNs. Such environments have proved to be very useful in the context of smart cities, however, one of the main challenges has been how to keep users willing to contribute and keep the LBSNs in a(More)