Cláudio De Oliveira

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A method for optimising a pre-existing mesh of tetrahedral ®nite elements is described. It is based on a series of mesh connectivity and node position searches of the landscape de®ning mesh quality. A Riemannian metric, re¯ecting the a posteriori error measure, is used to calculate element size and shape. A functional is de®ned which embodies both shape and(More)
Analysis of morphological, molecular and cytological data helped to define and more precisely characterize the species of Mugil from the Atlantic coasts of South Caribbean and South America, allowing a correction of prior misidentifications and distributional ranges. A new species from Venezuela is described and all the species from the area are(More)
Most researchers choose the diffusion approximation to the transport equation as the model to describe photon migration in biological tissues. However, the applicability of this approximation is limited and, in certain cases, invalid. In this paper we introduce a two-dimensional, finite element-spherical harmonics (FE-P(N)) radiation transport method for(More)
Ninety individuals of the characid fish Astyanax fasciatus (Cuvier, 1819) were collected at Água da Madalena stream (Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil) and analyzed for diploid chromosome number 2n and karyotype composition as well as for the chromosomal location of the 5S and 18S ribosomal DNA (rDNA). Whereas no chromosome differences were associated with sex,(More)
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