Cláudio Alexandre

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The two sterile brothers were found to have the same sperm abnormalities. The flagella were short or absent. The constituent elements of the flagellum were disorganized, and the axone structure was disturbed. These abnormalities give rise to a problem of explaining the genetic origin of certain sperm defects similar to those found particularly in mice.
  • C Alexandre
  • Journal de gynécologie, obstétrique et biologie…
  • 1988
Male sterility is taken as a paradigm for a new approach to andrology. Although known about since Antiquity, responsibility of man in conjugal sterility has only been recognized in the last half century. All the same, even to day, it is not always accepted: although apparently obsolete since women's sexual liberation, this denial often manifests itself in(More)
3 Methodist University of Piracicaba, Faculty of Sciences of Health, Physical Education, São Paulo, Brazil. * Corresponding author: Gustavo Gomes de Araujo, Sports Science Research Group Federal University of Alagoas, UFAL – Maceio AL, Brazil. Avenue Lourival Melo Mota, s/n, Tabuleiro dos Martins Maceio AL, CEP: 57072-900 –Post Graduation in Nutrition(More)
  • C Alexandre
  • Journal de gynécologie, obstétrique et biologie…
  • 1979
Two cases of total marital sexual impotence which occurred after the diagnosis of pregnancy following AID are reported by way of illustration. This impotence was accompanied by reoganisation of the economic situation in the marriage with a declaration that there was a very strong attachment for the wife and the child and a desire to have a second child and(More)
  • C L Alexandre
  • Journal de gynécologie, obstétrique et biologie…
  • 1977
In 22 cases of sterility we have been able to single out under the name of "pendulum testes" a syndrome showing the following features: --clinically, testes that are often small and soft and normally found in the lower part of the scrotum, but with a tendency to ride up toward the inguinal canal and stay there so that an attempt to bring them down manually(More)
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