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OBJECTIVE To describe the adaptation to Portuguese of the short version of the "job stress scale", originally in English. METHODS We evaluate six aspects of equivalence between the original scale and the Portuguese version: conceptual, semantic, operational, item, measurement, and functional equivalences. A reliability test-retest study was conducted with(More)
BACKGROUND Adult weight gain is generally associated with ethnicity of African descent, in addition to low socioeconomic position (SEP), but little information is available from the African diaspora in less-developed countries. We evaluated ethnic differences in adult weight change and the role of life course SEP in those differences. METHODS We conducted(More)
The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the clinical usefulness of the Portuguese version of the Binge Eating Scale (BES) to assess binge eating disorder (BED) in a clinical sample. The BES is a self-reported instrument developed to identify binge eaters within the obese population. The scale, at the cutoff point of 17, was compared with the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between routine visits for dental checkup and self-perceived oral health. METHODS Cross-sectional data from a study of university employees in Rio de Janeiro - The Pró-Saúde Study. Self-perceived oral health and the reported pattern and frequency of visits to the dentist were obtained through a multidimensional(More)
Avaliação da qualidade de vida em pacientes laringectomizados: uma revisão sistemática Quality of life assessment in laryngectomized patients: a systematic review Abstract Laryngectomy is the main sequela in patients with cancer of the larynx. The authors conducted a systematic review to evaluate the relationship between quality of life and laryngec-tomy.(More)
BACKGROUND Occupation is recognized as a modifiable factor related to cognitive reserve in older adults. AIMS To examine the association between levels of complexity in lifelong occupations and cognitive performance in later life. METHODS A cross-sectional study of older adult users (aged 65 or more) of a private health care plan, resident in the north(More)
BACKGROUND The association between self-rated health (SRH) and mortality is well documented in the literature, but studies on the subject among young adults in Latin America are rare, as are those evaluating this association using repeated SRH measures, beyond the baseline measurement. This study aims to evaluate the association between SRH evaluated at(More)
BACKGROUND Friend controls in matched case-control studies can be a potential source of bias based on the assumption that friends are more likely to share exposure factors. This study evaluates the role of selection bias in a case-control study that used the snowball sampling method based on friendship for the selection of cases and controls. METHODS The(More)
OBJECTIVE We tested the hypothesis that inadequate self-perception of body weight with or without obesity would be associated with common mental disorders (CMD). METHOD We analyzed cross-sectional data from 4,030 university employees participating in the longitudinal Pró-Saúde Study Phase 1 (1999) in Rio de Janeiro. Participants (22-59 years of age) were(More)