Cláudia S. Magalhães

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Periodontitis has been associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes. Results from intervention studies are few and controversial. The present study assessed the effects of non-surgical periodontal treatment in the occurrence of adverse pregnancy outcomes. Two hundred forty-six eligible women were randomly divided into two groups: periodontitis intervention (n(More)
This study determined the prevalence of oral mucosal alterations and associated factors among the institutionalized elderly in Brazil. Data were collected through a structured questionnaire, a review of their medical records and an intra-oral examination. A sample of 335 individuals over 60 years of age was randomly selected. In total, 646 alterations were(More)
AIM The aim of this randomized clinical trial was to compare the proximal contact of a silorane-based resin composite with a conventional methacrylate-based resin composite in class II restorations after a 6 months follow-up period. MATERIALS AND METHODS After obtaining informed consent, 33 patients were randomly allocated into a test group (Filtek(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the standard quality of 1,347 root fillings performed by postgraduate students in Endodontics according to 3 radiographic quality parameters. The analyzed quality parameters included apical extension (AE), taper (TA) and homogeneity (HO), which received scores S2 (ideal standard), S1 (slight deviation) or S0(More)
This study determined the validity of marginal ditching and staining as criteria for the diagnosis of secondary caries around amalgam restorations. One hundred and twenty-four Class I amalgam restorations on extracted human teeth were submitted to standardized clinical examinations. A calibrated examiner recorded the presence of ditching in the(More)
The aims of this in vitro study were both to determine the time necessary for removal of carious dentin (efficiency) and the Knoop Hardness Number (KHN) of the remaining dentin (effectiveness), using a chemomechanical method (Carisolv) or hand excavation. Thirty human molars were bisected through occlusal carious lesions into two equal halves. Each half was(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this in vitro study was to evaluate the interaction between two sources of fluoride (restorative systems and dentifrices) in inhibiting artificial root caries development. METHODS One hundred and eighty tooth segments were embedded in polyester resin, and sanded flat. Cylindrical cavities 1.0mm-deep and 1.5mm-diameter were prepared in(More)
This in vitro study evaluated the effect of rebonding on microleakage of a resin composite, a condensable resin and two polyacid-modified resin composite restorations. Standardized cylindrical Class V dentin cavities were prepared on the buccal root surfaces of 240 extracted bovine incisive teeth. The prepared teeth were randomly assigned to four groups of(More)
PURPOSE To compare the clinical performance of a silorane-based with a methacrylate-based restorative system in class 2 restorations after an 18-month follow-up. METHODS This randomized, double-blind and controlled study included 33 subjects receiving 100 direct resin composite restorations that were completely randomized to silorane-based group (Filtek(More)
BACKGROUND Total replacement is the most common technique for defective amalgam restorations, and it represents a major part of restorative dental treatment. Repair is an alternative option for amalgam restorations with localized defects. AIMS This study compared microleakage of amalgam restorations repaired by bonded amalgam or composite resin. (More)