Cláudia Martins De Grossi Firman

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The authors present the experience from a university service of 170 outpatients submitted to 24-hour esophageal pH recording. Indications were: typical symptoms such as heartburn (67 patients), with and without endoscopic esophagitis, chest pain (65 patients; 40% had normal coronariography), a select group with dysphagia (28), besides eight asthmatics, one(More)
Two hundred and forty Brazilian patients with chest pain and normal cardiac evaluation were submitted to computerized esophageal manometry. Endoscopic examination and/or swallow barium studies had excluded obstructive lesions. Motor disorders were found in 63% of patients; non-specific motors disorders and hypotensive lower esophageal sphincter were the(More)
The most important etiologies of achalasia are idiopathic and related to Chagas' disease. The lower esophageal sphincter pressure (LESP) in idiopathic achalasia (Id Ach) is higher compared with a healthy group, but there are different reports in Chagasic achalasia (Ch Ach). We compared the LESP of patients with both forms of achalasia and a control group.(More)
We studied the gastric emptying of 21 healthy volunteers using a standard contrasted diet composed of a lipid, carbohydrate, protein and barium sulfate solution homogenate. We did six one-minute videofluoroscopic recordings in a 12-minute interval for the first hour, and in a 30 minute interval until the complete emptying. We selected eight exams for the(More)
We developed an automated software-based procedure for estimation of the volume variation of the stomach using videofluoroscopic analysis of the gastric emptying. We used radiological images with postero-anterior incidence of eight healthy volunteers and in vitro experimental tests, with different volumes and concentrations of the contrast medium. This(More)
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