Cláudia Linhares Sales

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Two non-adjacent vertices x and y in a graph G form an even pair if every induced path between them has an even number of edges. For a given pair fx; yg in a graph G, we denote by G xy the graph obtained from G by contracting x and y. In 1982, Fonlupt and Uhry proved that if G is perfect then so is G xy. In 1987, Meyniel used this fact to prove that no(More)
An even pair in a graph is a pair of non-adjacent vertices such that every chord-less path between them has even length. A graph is called strict quasi-parity when every induced subgraph that is not a clique has an even pair, and it is called perfectly contractile when every induced subgraph can be turned into a clique through a sequence of even-pair(More)
A graph is a strict-quasi parity (SQP) graph if every induced subgraph that is not a clique contains a pair of vertices with no odd chordless path between them (an``even pair''). We present an O…n 3 † algorithm for recognizing planar strict quasi-parity graphs, based on Wen-Lian Hsu's decomposition of planar (perfect) graphs and on the (non-algorithmic)(More)