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Chemical and isotopic compositions of interstitial water from the Izena hydrothermal field
In the previous SIP cruises, several hydrothermal sites have been drilled in the Iheya North Knoll, and distribution of sulfide ore deposits and hydrothermal fluids have been unraveled. However, the
Electrical features of the submarine hydrothermal system around the Iheya-North Knoll area and the Noho Site, Okinawa, Japan, inferred from resistivity and IP properties of drilling samples from the
The exploration and exploitation of submarine hydrothermal deposits are becoming increasingly important for the steady supply of metal resources to Japanese industry. Valuable metal elements are
Evaluation of metal dissolution from fresh hydrothermal core samples collected at Izena Hole during CK16-05 and rapid detection of their toxicity on marine phytoplankton community
Environmental impact assessment is essential to reduce loads of seafloor metal-mining operations to marine environments. Accidental leakage of crushed hydrothermal ores from mining vessel is one of