Citto Iulian Taisescu

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White adipose tissue from different locations is characterized by significant differences in the structure of adipocyte "secretoma". Fat accumulation in the central-visceral depots is usually associated with a chronic inflammatory state, which is complicated by the metabolic syndrome. Recently, the adipose tissue was emerged to have an essential role in the(More)
Growth factor receptors dysfunction has previously been correlated with glioma cell proliferation, ability to evade apoptosis, neo-angiogenesis and resistance to therapy. Antineoplastic molecules targeting growth factor receptors are in clinical handling, however the efficacy of these compounds has often been limited by the signaling redundancy. Here, we(More)
VEGF is one the pro-inflammatory adipokines synthesized by the "adipose secretoma" of obese subjects as a response to hypoxic conditions; but the main function of VEGF is angiogenesis, being recognized as the most important factor increasing blood capillaries in the adipose tissue by stimulating endothelial cell growth. In this paper, we propose a(More)
In the present study, we aimed to estimate the concentrations of cytokines (interleukin 6, IL-6, tumor necrosis factor-α, TNF-α) and auto-antibodies (rheumatoid factor IgM isotype, IgM-RF, antinuclear auto-antibodies, ANA, anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibodies IgG isotype, IgG anti-CCP3.1, anti-cardiolipin IgG isotype, IgG anti-aCL) in serum of(More)
Chronic hepatitis C affects an estimated 170 million people worldwide and causes approximately 350 000 deaths each year. The current antiviral therapy allows the virus eradication or the permanent inhibition of the virus replication (sustained virological response, SVR), the reduction of the inflammation, and the prevention or the reduction of liver(More)
In chronic hepatitis, pathologies reveal a prominent inflammatory infiltrate portal consisting mostly of lymphocytes and plasma cells invading the portal spaces, although one can also identify macrophages, neutrophils or eosinophils. In all the forms of chronic hepatitis, fibrosis starts in the portal area, namely periportally, subsequently extends towards(More)
This study presents a simple scale for assessing and monitoring the benefic results of the rehabilitation therapy applied and particularly suggests the treatment of patients with lumbo-sacro-pelvic muscle and ligaments pains in a stages program of medical rehabilitation with physical support. The classification on degrees of severity shows that 79.4% of(More)
UNLABELLED Periodontitis represents a chronic bacterial infection that induces immuno-inflammatory conditions affecting gingiva and tooth-supporting tissues. The role of some biological mediators in periodontal disease was widely investigated, especially that of MMP-8 and MMP-9. Recently, MMP-2 was also considered to be an appropriate therapeutic target for(More)
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) represents an important instrument for measuring mechanical properties of biological materials ranging from single molecules to normal or malignant cells. AFM provides a 3D profile of the surface on a nanoscale, by measuring forces between a sharp probe (<10 nm), supported on a flexible cantilever, and surface at very short(More)
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