Citra Nurfarah Zaini Mattar

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OBJECTIVE To address the impact of simple antenatal educational interventions on breastfeeding practice. METHODS A randomized controlled trial was carried out in a tertiary referral center from May 2002 to December 2004. A random sample of eligible low-risk antenatal patients was recruited from clinics in the National University Hospital, Singapore. Group(More)
INTRODUCTION The physiological changes that occur in menopause alter sexual function and affect well-being. Hormonal changes contribute significantly to reduced sexual function in older women and sexual dysfunction may well be amenable to treatment with exogenous hormones or other agents. MATERIALS AND METHODS Relevant clinical studies were identified by(More)
Caesarean section incidence is steadily rising worldwide; the major contributor to this rise is pregnancies with previous caesarean section. Hence, it is important to scrutinise carefully the indication of primary caesarean sections. Preterm births, breech presentation and twin pregnancies together complicate 12-18% of all births. The role of caesarean(More)
The mechanics of intracardiac blood flow and the epigenetic influence it exerts over the heart function have been the subjects of intense research lately. Fetal intracardiac flows are especially useful for gaining insights into the development of congenital heart diseases, but have not received due attention thus far, most likely because of technical(More)
INTRODUCTION This report describes a "parasitic" endometriotic cyst of the small bowel. CLINICAL PICTURE A menopausal woman with a pelvic mass presenting years after commencing hormone therapy. TREATMENT We performed laparoscopic excision of a cystic tumour attached to the small bowel with a solitary vascular pedicle. OUTCOME Histology confirmed it to(More)
During gestation the developing human fetus is exposed to a diverse range of potentially immune-stimulatory molecules including semi-allogeneic antigens from maternal cells, substances from ingested amniotic fluid, food antigens, and microbes. Yet the capacity of the fetal immune system, including antigen-presenting cells, to detect and respond to such(More)
In both adult human and canine, the cardiac right ventricle (RV) is known to exhibit a peristaltic-like motion, where RV sinus (inflow region) contracts first and the infundibulum (outflow region) later, in a wave-like contraction motion. The delay in contraction between the sinus and infundibulum averaged at 15% of the cardiac cycle and was estimated to(More)
The endothelial cells of the umbilical vessels are frequently used in mechanobiology experiments. They are known to respond to wall shear stress (WSS) of blood flow, which influences vascular growth and remodeling. The in vivo environment of umbilical vascular WSS, however, is not well characterized. In this study, we performed detailed characterization of(More)