Ciro Maguiña Vargas

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Dementia presenting with prominent higher order visual symptoms may be observed in a range of neurodegenerative conditions and is often challenging to diagnose. We describe a case of progressive dementia presenting with prominent visual cortical symptoms. A 55-year-old, right-handed, woman with early onset of visual impairment not associated with anterior(More)
The prognostic value of cytosolic p53 protein was evaluated in 458 operable breast carcinomas by immunoblotting using the monoclonal antibody PAb 1801. Two hundred and five carcinomas (45%) showed positive p53 accumulation and 55% were p53 negative. When comparing p53 positivity and other clinicopathological parameters, significant differences were found(More)
This is a retrospective and descriptive review of 277 patients suffering fasciolasis. These patients were seen in Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia between 1970-2002; 240 (86.6%) developed the chronic phase and 37 (13.3%) the acute form. Group aged 20-29 years were the most affected (24%). The main places infected were the interandean valleys of Lima,(More)
The electrophoretic pattern of serum proteins of 100 "normal" adults and 97 non treated patients bearing different types of neoplasias were comparatively studied in polyacrylamide gel to find out if there are specific proteins or protein patterns in cancer. Densitometry was used to complete the study so as to analyze quantitative differences for each one of(More)
First of all, we congratulate Devido-Santos et al. 1 by their interesting paper. Until recently, our understanding of how language is organized in the brain depended on analysis of language deficits in patients with fortuitously placed lesions. Language is organized in large-scale, predominantly left-later-alized, temporo-parieto-frontal networks in the(More)
Carrion’s disease, the iconic disease in Peruvian medicine has been found in the mountains of Ecuador, Colombia and the Andean valleys of Peru. In the 1990s, the phenomenon of El Niño was associated with significantly increased risk of disease in Ancash, Cajamarca and Cusco. In Cusco in 1998 there was an acute phase epidemic in various Andean provinces and(More)
10643 Background: The Berg muscle-based categorization of axillary lymph node location has been used extensively by pathologists and surgeons to describe the extent of axillary node dissection in breast cancer patients, but its reproducibility with different arm positions and its utility in 3-D radiation treatment planning have not been tested. METHODS CT(More)
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