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The European Commission and the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (NICT) have made a big effort to promote collaboration between the IoT and Cloud communities and define a common baseline for future research. ClouT (Cloud+IoT) project is co-funded as part of the first FP7 EU-Japan cooperation call and gives life to a(More)
One of the main obstacles hindering wider adoption of storage cloud services is vendor lock-in, a situation in which large amounts of data that are placed in one storage system can not be migrated to another vendor, e.g., due to time and cost considerations. To prevent this situation we present an advanced on-boarding federation mechanism, enabling a cloud(More)
On-boarding federation allows an enterprise to efficiently migrate its data from one storage cloud provider to another (e.g., for business or legal reasons), while providing continuous access and a unified view over the data during the migration. On-boarding is provided through a federation layer on the new destination cloud. An on-boarding relationship is(More)
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