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Wireless sensor networks are generally composed of a large number of hardware devices of the same type, deployed over a region of interest in order to perform a monitoring activity on a set of target points. Nowadays, several different types of sensor devices exist, which are able to monitor different aspects of the region of interest (including sound,(More)
Health-care management systems are of great relevance because they provide an easy and quick management of all aspects regarding a patient, not necessarily medical. Furthermore, there are more and more cases of pathologies in which diagnosis and treatment can be only carried out by using medical imaging techniques. With an ever-increasing prevalence,(More)
This paper studies the close-enough traveling salesman problem, a variant of the Euclidean traveling salesman problem in which the traveler visits a node if it passes through the neighborhood of that node. We introduce an improved version of the adaptive internal discretization scheme, recently proposed in the literature, and a heuristic that combines this(More)
Nowadays cranial disorders are one of the most common type of infants' diseases. However, despite such disorders are widespread, in the state of the art does not exist a system which allows the doctors to share their knowledge in order to support their clinical decisions. This is mainly caused by the different national laws governing the access to(More)
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