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Pax3 and Pax7 are closely related transcription factors that are widely expressed in the developing nervous system and somites. In the CNS, both genes are expressed in the dorsal part of the neural tube during development. Pax3 and Pax7 are involved in the sonic hedgehog (Shh) signaling pathway and are inhibited by Shh overexpression. The present study(More)
OBJECTIVE Sonic hedgehog(SHH) is early expressed in the floor plate and notochord during the development of chicken embryo, which is required for the establishment of dorsal axis and the formation of spinal cord, but the mechanism of SHH affecting the patterns of spinal development is still unclear. METHODS In this study using in vivo electroporation(More)
Pax3 is a transcription factor that belongs to the paired box family. In the developing spinal cord it is expressed in the dorsal commissural neurons, which project ascending axons contralaterally to form proper spinal cord-brain circuitry. While it has been shown that Pax3 induces cell aggregation in vitro, little is known about the role of Pax3 in cell(More)
N-cadherin is a calcium-sensitive cell adhesion molecule that plays an important role in the formation of the neural circuit and the development of the nervous system. In the present study, we investigated the function of N-cadherin in cell–cell connection in vitro with HEK293T cells, and in commissural axon projections in the developing chicken spinal cord(More)
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