Ciprian Radu

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This paper addresses the Network-on-Chip (NoC) application mapping problem. This is an NP-hard problem that deals with the optimal topological placement of Intellectual Property cores onto the NoC tiles. Network-on-Chip application mapping Evolutionary Algorithms are developed, evaluated and optimized for minimizing the NoC communication energy. Two(More)
In modern superscalar microarchitectures that speculatively execute a great quantity of code, without performing branch prediction, it won’t be possible to aggressively exploit instruction level parallelism from programs. Both the architectural and technological complexity of current processors emphasizes the negative impact on performance due to every(More)
Patient safety is a main determinant of the quality of healthcare services. The literature shows that the occurrence of medical errors is quite important in countries where it has been measured. Various actions like legislative measures, financial, or educational measures may help, but they are not always effective in controlling the level of avoidable(More)
Nowadays, most of the industrial companies adopt several digital tools to improve their performance, e.g. decreasing the production costs, reducing the delivery time, optimizing the production scheduling, etc.. However, the interoperability between such digital tools is still far from being reached, thus failing to fully exploit the potentiality of a(More)
This paper presents few notes about the reconstruction of a 3D model of fibula bone using thomographic slices from CT scanner. CT images are reassembled to illustrate a 3D presentation of an anatomic structure by using a 3D reconstruction software, Mimics. Mimics is a software system for interfacing from a medical or technical scanner (mostly a CAT or CT(More)
The paper presents the development of the control system of a new parallel robot used in prostate biopsy. The control system uses the inverse and forward kinematic models implemented in Matlab/Simulink and integrated in the Automation Studio Target for Simulink kit from Bernecker & Rainer in order to create the code that can be further implemented into(More)
The interaction between a human operator and a machine is done through a Human Machine Interface. Nowadays many kinds of Human Machine Interfaces, for different types of machines, are available. Typically, visual, auditory and tactile human senses are used to connect the human to the machine. Even Brain-Computer Interfaces are developed, making this(More)