Ciprian-Radu Rad

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The paper addresses the analysis of forward kinematics of a 3-DOF medical parallel robot with R-P-S (Revolute-Prismatic-Spherical) joint structure using MATLAB/Simulink. Forward kinematics is solved numerically using Newton-Kantorovich (N-K) method and then is verified with a 1:1 CAD model through SimMechanics Toolbox from MATLAB/Simulink. Also the(More)
The paper presents an innovative approach for designing a mechatronic system. The proposed methodology integrates modern design techniques like Model based design; Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware in the Loop in the development process of such systems. Using the proposed method a 6 DOF parallel robot is developed. The results regarding the(More)
The paper presents the development of a humanoid robot head that is intended to be used in social interaction studies. In this study a set of solutions for reproducing the human head movement and part of the sensorial capabilities are developed and analyzed. For implementing the robot control and computer vision functions a set of applications were(More)
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