Ciprian Daniel Balanuta

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In this paper is presented a comparative analysis between two power conditioners connected to a four-wire micro-grid. The first one was developed on a two levels voltage structure and the second one on a three-level voltage NPC structure (Neutral Point Clamped), both controlled by the same strategy. The main objective of the proposed strategy is to limit(More)
This paper present a possible solution to reducing the voltage sags in microgrid. A micro-grid is a weak electrical grid which can be easily subjects to disturbances. In order to improve the operation of the microgrid short-term storage are used. In terms of improving the Power Quality (PQ) it is need to come up with the solution of the power failures and(More)
This paper shows the Matlab/Simulink implementation of the current control in a single phase full-bridge power inverter. In order to increase the performances of the power inverter an LC filter is connected at the input. Mathematical modelling of the power inverter is based on the switching functions. Unipolar asymmetric PWM modulation method, and(More)
Abstract—A micro-grid is a weak electrical grid, which can be easily subject to disturbances because it includes a variety of intermittent power sources, single-phase, three-phase and nonlinear loads, which can have a dynamic impact on power quality. The unbalance and the harmonic components in current and voltage waveforms are the most important among(More)
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