Ciprian Craciun

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Cross platform APIs for cloud computing are emerging due to the need of the application developer to combine the features exposed by different cloud providers and to port the codes from one provider environment to another. Such APIs are allowing nowadays the federation of clouds to an infrastructure level, requiring a certain knowledge of programming the(More)
Vendor lock-in and cloud outages are two important challenges that make IT managers reluctant in widely adopting the cloud within the enterprise. Vendor lock-in happens when the adoption of cloud provider-specific technologies and APIs forces consumers to stay with the same provider even if they would like to change. Cloud outages can happen to any(More)
The federation of Cloud resources can be treated at different levels of abstractions. In this paper we focus on application programming interfaces for building Cloud-based applications using services from multiple Cloud providers. A full stack of APIs is proposed to decouple the development of a Cloud-based application from its deployment and execution. A(More)
As the popularity of cloud computing increases, more and more applications are migrated onto them. Web 2.0 applications are the most common example of such applications. These applications require to scale, be highly available, fault tolerant and able to run uninterrupted for long periods of time (or even indefinitely). Moreover as new cloud providers(More)
In the growing market of cloud computing dominated by proprietary solutions, the adoption of open-source and deployable middleware that hides the service heterogeneity and ensure code portability can provide important benefits for the fast development of new services. Therefore, this paper exposes the mechanisms for orchestrating cloud-enabled hardware and(More)
Current Platform as a Service solutions restrict the user to certain programming languages, paradigms or Cloud service types. A new deployable open-source Platform as a Service that includes a set of extensible APIs eases the deployment and control of the software stack required by Cloud applications. This paper describes shortly its vision, concepts and(More)
Clouds are intend mainly to host Web applications exposed through the interfaces of services but due to several particular and interesting aspects of the Clouds, like elasticity and scalability, legacy standalone and distributed applications can also benefit from the resources offered by the Clouds. We describe in this paper a simple-to-use platform(More)