Cinzia Mortarino

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In this paper a sensitivity analysis for optimal solutions of the well-known Duncan's model is proposed to misspecification in the cost parameters. The analysis is performed both in the continuous case, i.e. when the production process continues in operation while searches for the assignable cause after a signal are made, and in the more realistic(More)
Diffusion of innovation can be defined as a system of adoption by which the innovation of a new product or service is spread among the members or agents in a social system. Diffusion models help to forecast the demand and work as a decision aid in making pre-launch, launch and help post-launch strategic choices. This complex system can be approached, in(More)
In the city of Casale Monferrato, the largest Italian factory that produced asbestos cement goods was active from 1907 to 1985. As a consequence, asbestos fibers scattered in the surrounding area and caused an enormous number of pleural mesotheliomas. Due to the very long latency of this disease, many subjects have not exhibited its symptoms yet. The aim of(More)
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