Cinzia Civitareale

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In pigs, the genetic selection for lean, large muscle blocks and fast growth has been linked to an increased prevalence of metabolic diseases such as porcine stress syndrome and mulberry heart disease. These diseases are associated with cardiovascular inadequacy, which may lead to oxidative stress. In the present study, reactive oxygen metabolites (ROMs)(More)
Previous studies on the oxidative stress in swine indicated a strong link between the values of reactive oxygen metabolites (ROMs), the subsequent antioxidant adaptive response (OXY) and the genetic selection. Such findings, mainly related to a cardiovascular inadequacy in lean, large muscle blocks and fast growing breeds, is associated with specific(More)
Flavomycin complex is an antibiotic banned in the European Union as an additive in feed stuffs. As a consequence, the monitoring programmes for official control within the Community require analysis of feeds for possible illegal use of flavomycin. A method for unambiguous identification and quantification of moenomycin A, the main pharmacologically active(More)
Methods based on molecular recognition mechanisms for the clean-up of veterinary drugs and their residues, such as immuno-, receptor- and acceptor-affinity and molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs), have been described as selective tools to improve the selectivity and the reliability of analytical results. In this work, we tested the extraction recovery(More)
The use of the two macrolides antibiotics Spiramycin (S) and Tylosin (T) as growth promoters in animal feeding has been recently withdrawn in the European Union due to a concern about the outbreaks of farmacoresistance fenomena as a possible hazard for humans. For feed additives monitoring purposes, an analytical method has been developed for their(More)
Twenty-six veal calves were split into two groups and fed two milk replacers with a different content of phytosterols for 26 days; then, 14 calves (7 animals from each diet) were kept as controls and 12 calves (6 per diet) received daily, per os, a combination of 17beta-boldenone (17beta-Bol) and androsta-1,4-dien-3,17-dione (ADD) for 38 days. The urinary(More)
A new LC-MS/MS method for the separation, identification and quantification of residues of 17alpha-estradiol (17alpha-E2) and 17beta-estradiol (17beta-E2) in bovine serum is reported. Deuterium-labelled 17beta-estradiol was used as internal standard. The method was in-house validated in accordance with European Union criteria and adopted in a proficiency(More)
Previous papers have supported the hypothesis that beta-agonist drugs could accumulate in those tissues with a high content of mucopolysaccharides. Based on our preliminary findings, between October and December 1993 we randomly sampled 534 samples of synovial fluids drawn from the knee joint of fresh carcasses. After a preliminary extraction able to break(More)
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