Cinzia Celenza

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Targeting Chk1 protein kinase can enhance the antitumor effects of radio- and chemotherapy. Recent evidence disclosed a role of Chk1 in unperturbed cell proliferation and survival, implying that Chk1 inhibitors could also be effective as single agents in tumors with a specific genetic background. To identify genes in synthetic lethality with Chk1, we did a(More)
Chk1 is implicated in several checkpoints of the cell cycle acting as a key player in the signal transduction pathway activated in response to DNA damage and crucial for the maintenance of genomic stability. Chk1 also plays a role in the mitotic spindle checkpoint, which ensures the fidelity of mitotic segregation during mitosis, preventing chromosomal(More)
The spread of respiratory allergies is increasing in parallel with the alarm of the scientific community. Evidently, our knowledge of the onset mechanisms of these diseases and, as a consequence, of the available remedies is inadequate. This review provides a brief, general description of current therapeutic resources and the state of research with regard(More)
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