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1. The present study was carried out to look at the effect of different calcium antagonists on the response to noradrenaline in the whole and bisected rat vas deferens considering that the response consisted of three components (I) the phasic response (II) the tonic response and (III) the spikes (rhythmic contractions). 2. Nifedipine (3 x 10(-9)-1 x 10(-7)(More)
Clinical depression is viewed as a physical and psychic disease process having a neuropathological basis, although a clear understanding of its ethiopathology is still missing. The observation that depressive symptoms are influenced by pharmacological manipulation of monoamines led to the hypothesis that depression results from reduced availability or(More)
1 Despite the growing social interest in human urinary tract disorders, the aetiology of detrusor instability remains poorly understood. Myogenic and neural impairment of detrusor activity caused by CNS or autonomic injuries can results in dysfunctions of normal voiding of the bladder such as urinary incontinence. 2 The contractility of human detrusor(More)
PURPOSE We explored morphological and biochemical aspects of human detrusor cells in culture as a tool for investigating the physiological mechanisms underlying bladder function and disturbances. MATERIALS AND METHODS Primary cultures of smooth muscle cells were derived from human bladder specimens of patients with an average age of 70 years undergoing(More)
The possible involvement of specific dopamine receptors in the relaxing effect of dopamine in the guinea-pig isolated jejunum has been investigated. The relaxing effect of dopamine does not show the tachyphylaxis phenomenon and it is present in preparations from guinea-pigs pretreated with reserpine. These results indicate that dopamine has a direct action.(More)
The relaxing effect of dopamine on the rat isolated jejunum has been studied. Dopamine was found 170 times less potent than noradrenaline and 3 times more potent than tyramine. The relaxing effect of dopamine does not show the tachyphylaxis phenomenon, is present in preparations from rats pretreated with reserpine and is not influenced by cocaine. These(More)
1. Methoctramine, AF-DX 116 and hexahydrosiladifenidol (HHSiD) are the muscarinic antagonists most widely used to study muscarinic receptor subtypes. 2. The present study was undertaken to examine the mode of antagonism of these compounds in guinea-pig left atrium and ileum by comparison of the Schild and resultant analysis. With this method the effect of(More)
1. Disturbances of the autonomic nervous system are common in right hemisphere stroke patients, including a marked decline in male sexual functions. There is a lack of information on the influence of stroke on male secondary sex organs such as the vas deferens. 2. This study investigates the effect of right brain focal ischaemia on the adrenergic and(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebrovascular disease may impair the autonomic control of peripheral organs including the male urogenital tract. This study investigates the effect of cortico-parietal focal ischaemia on the adrenergic and purinergic transmission in isolated epididymal and prostatic portion of rat vas deferens. METHODS Focal brain ischaemia was induced in(More)
The aim of this paper was to evaluate the penetration enhancement properties of nanoparticles (NP) based on N-trimethyl chitosan (TMC 35% quaternization degree) loaded with insulin. The permeation performances of TMC NP were compared with those of chitosan (CS) NP and also with TMC and CS solutions. To estimate the mechanism of penetration enhancement, two(More)