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Impacts of Population Structure and Analytical Models in Genome-Wide Association Studies of Complex Traits in Forest Trees: A Case Study in Eucalyptus globulus
The promise of association genetics to identify genes or genomic regions controlling complex traits has generated a flurry of interest. Such phenotype-genotype associations could be useful toExpand
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Discovery, validation, and in silico functional characterization of EST-SSR markers in Eucalyptus globulus
Eucalyptus globulus is the most commonly planted hardwood species for pulpwood in temperate regions. We aimed to develop and characterize functional molecular markers for population genetic analysesExpand
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De novo assembly and characterization of leaf transcriptome for the development of functional molecular markers of the extremophile multipurpose tree species Prosopis alba
BackgroundProsopis alba (Fabaceae) is an important native tree adapted to arid and semiarid regions of north-western Argentina which is of great value as multipurpose species. Despite its importance,Expand
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Microsatellite markers in candidate genes for wood properties and its application in functional diversity assessment in Eucalyptus globulus
Background: Functional genetic markers have important implications for genetic analysis by providing direct estimation of functional diversity. Although high throughput sequencing techniques forExpand
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Characterization of functional SSR markers in Prosopis alba and their transferability across Prosopis species
Aim of study : The aim of the study was to characterize functional microsatellite markers in Prosopis alba and examine the transferability to species from the Prosopis genus. Area of the study :Expand
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Assessment of genetic diversity and population structure in a garlic (Allium sativum L.) germplasm collection varying in bulb content of pyruvate, phenolics, and solids
Abstract This study characterized genetic diversity in the Argentine garlic germplasm bank by analysis of 10 SSR loci in 73 garlic accessions. A total of 43 alleles and polymorphic informationExpand
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Transcriptome survey of Patagonian southern beech Nothofagus nervosa (= N. Alpina): assembly, annotation and molecular marker discovery
BackgroundNothofagus nervosa is one of the most emblematic native tree species of Patagonian temperate forests. Here, the shotgun RNA-sequencing (RNA-Seq) of the transcriptome of N. nervosa,Expand
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Optimizing ddRADseq in Non-Model Species: A Case Study in Eucalyptus dunnii Maiden
Restriction site-associated DNA sequencing (RADseq) and its derived protocols, such as double digest RADseq (ddRADseq), offer a flexible and highly cost-effective strategy for efficient plant genomeExpand
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A genetic linkage map for a Full sib population of Eucalyptus grandis using SSR, DArT, CG-SSR and EST-SSR markers
Background Eucalypts are the most widely planted hardwood trees in the world, occupying globally more than 18 million hectares, as an important source of carbon neutral renewable energy and rawExpand
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Functional markers development and genetic diversity analysis in Eucalyptus globulus with emphasis in wood quality candidate genes
Eucalyptus globulus is the most planted hardwood species for pulpwood in temperate regions. Genomic researches in Eucalyptus have increased the information available in DNA sequences public databasesExpand
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