Cintia B. S. Dotto

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The complex nature of pollutant accumulation and washoff, along with high temporal and spatial variations, pose challenges for the development and establishment of accurate and reliable models of the pollution generation process in urban environments. Therefore, the search for reliable stormwater quality models remains an important area of research. Model(More)
Urban drainage models are important tools used by both practitioners and scientists in the field of stormwater management. These models are often conceptual and usually require calibration using local datasets. The quantification of the uncertainty associated with the models is a must, although it is rarely practiced. The International Working Group on Data(More)
Uncertainty is intrinsic to all monitoring programs and all models. It cannot realistically be eliminated, but it is necessary to understand the sources of uncertainty, and their consequences on models and decisions. The aim of this paper is to evaluate uncertainty in a flow and water quality stormwater model, due to the model parameters and the(More)
This study presents results on the assessment of the application of a Bayesian approach to evaluate the sensitivity and uncertainty associated with urban rainfall-runoff models. The software MICA was adopted, in which the prior information about the parameters is updated to generate the parameter posterior distribution. The likelihood function adopted in(More)
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