Cintia A. Menéndez

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We carry out a time-averaged contact matrix study to reveal the existence of protein backbone hydrogen bonds (BHBs) whose net persistence in time differs markedly form their corresponding PDB-reported state. We term such interactions as "chameleonic" BHBs, CBHBs, precisely to account for their tendency to change the structural prescription of the PDB for(More)
We study the dynamic propensity of the backbone hydrogen bonds of the protein MDM2 (the natural regulator of the tumor suppressor p53) in order to determine its binding properties. This approach is fostered by the observation that certain backbone hydrogen bonds at the p53-binding site exhibit a dynamical propensity in simulations that differs markedly form(More)
A versatile and highly efficient strategy to construct a xanthone skeleton via a ligand-free intermolecular catalytic coupling of 2-substituted benzaldehydes and a wide range of phenols has been developed. For this purpose, a novel and magnetically recoverable catalyst consisting of copper nanoparticles on nanosized silica coated maghemite is presented. The(More)
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