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Influenza is an acute viral respiratory illness that continues to cause significant morbidity and mortality in Ireland. Despite well-established national and international guidelines1 and increased public awareness campaigns, vaccine uptake rates are well below target worldwide2. We performed an audit of influenza vaccine uptake at a Respiratory outpatient(More)
Row-column designs (RCD) are used in experimental situations when the heterogeneity in the experimental material is due to two cross classified sources. In such trials, there may be situations in which the experimenter wants to compare a set of new (test) treatments with an already existing (control) treatment. The experimenter is interested in comparing(More)
This paper presents and compares the performance of MOSFET and IGBT in a PWM controlled sine wave inverter circuit. The paper also suggests a parallel combination of these switching devices in the classical H bridge configuration of the inverter circuit. In the suggested topology, it combines the advantages of classical pure IGBT and MOSFET, thereby(More)