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64 Background: In a busy DC setting, the efficiency of identifying important treatment toxicities is essential to quality care. Using a systematic approach to collecting patient-reported outcomes in the waiting rooms of DC units is one possible means of improving care while involving patients. This study reports such a pilot study, and the associated(More)
165 Background: In a busy chemo DC, any efficient means of tracking important chemotoxicities can improve quality of care. The study goal was to evaluate whether tablet technology available in a DC waiting room is able to capture prevalent and severe toxicities associated with chemotherapy using the patient reported outcome (PRO) - common toxicity criteria(More)
Online learning aims to enrich learning by blending traditional and innovative learning models; conceptualizing courseware in multiple media; standardizing interoperable content representation; personalizing learning experiences to custom learning devices; integrating administrative functionalities with other academic units; and not the least, ensuring the(More)
Our research aims to improve online discussion forums. The authors identify typical problems in online discussion that create difficulties for learners and describe a pedagogical approach emphasizing the importance of moderating in dealing with these problems. The usual design of discussion forums in learning management systems is not helpful but can be(More)
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