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BACKGROUND HER-2/neu, which encodes a receptor tyrosine kinase, is amplified and overexpressed in 20%-25% of human breast cancers. Such tumors are often resistant to hormone therapy. Despite a general inverse association between HER-2/neu amplification/overexpression and estrogen receptor (ER) and/or progesterone receptor (PR) expression, a fraction of(More)
INTRODUCTION Amplification of the HER-2 receptor tyrosine kinase has been implicated in the pathogenesis and aggressive behavior of approximately 25% of invasive human breast cancers. Clinical and experimental evidence suggest that aberrant HER-2 signaling contributes to tumor initiation and disease progression. Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) is(More)
Genomic expression profiling has greatly improved our ability to subclassify human breast cancers according to shared molecular characteristics and clinical behavior. The logical next question is whether this technology will be similarly useful for identifying the dominant signaling pathways that drive tumor initiation and progression within each breast(More)
Because professional teaching portfolios serve as visual representations of teachers, their contents should be determined by individual teachers and should vary significantly. The authors provide guidelines for constructing such portfolios. Our first exposure to using a portfolio outside the realm of the college classroom was provided by a student who took(More)
Ablation of systemic estrogen production in a breast cancer patient is considered to be one of the fi rst targeted therapies employed for the treatment of a human malignancy. Since Beatson's (1) initial clinical description of a breast tumor response to oophorectomy in 1896, many approaches that disrupt the estrogen – estrogen receptor (ER) signaling(More)
__________________________________________) MARC VEASEY, et al.,)) Plaintiffs,)) v.) No. 2:13-cv-00193 (NGR)) RICK PERRY, Governor of Texas, et al.,)) Defendants.) __________________________________________)) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,)) Plaintiff,)) v.) No. 2:13-cv-00263 (NGR)) Consolidated Case STATE OF TEXAS, et al.,)) Defendants.)(More)
  • Richard Westerberg, Roger Brown, +41 authors Mantle-Bromley
  • 2013
These recommendations are the result of eight months of diligent work by the Task Force members who met frequently, studied research and best practices, and engaged in thoughtful, collaborative discussions about how Idaho's education system could better prepare our children for success. While some of the recommendations are specific and detailed, others(More)