Cindy Visser

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A systematic investigation of the influence of the process parameters temperature, pressure, total gas flow, and SiH2Cl2 :NH3 gas flow ratio on the residual stress, the refractive index, and its nonuniformity across a wafer, the growth rate, the film thickness nonuniformity across a wafer, and the Si/N incorporation ratio of low pressure chemical vapor(More)
Photon upconversion of near-infrared photons is a promising way to overcome the Shockley–Queisser efficiency limit of 32% of a single-junction solar cell. However, the practical applicability of the most efficient known upconversion materials at moderate light intensities is limited by their extremely weak and narrowband near-infrared absorption. Here, we(More)
 Thinning of micromachined wafers containing trenches and cavities to realize through-chip interconnects is presented. Successful thinning of wafers by lapping and polishing until the cavities previously etched by deep reactive ion etching are reached is demonstrated. The possible causes of damage to the etched structures are investigated. The trapping of(More)
In this paper, the electrical and optical properties of undoped and in-situ doped amorphous SiC films are presented. The films are prepared by using mixture of methane (CH4) and silane (SiH4) as C and Si sources, phosphine (PH3) and diborane (B2H6) as doping gases. The bandgap, optical constant and absorption coefficient of the films are measured and a(More)
The synthesis of green methanol from hydrogen and carbon dioxide can contribute to mitigation of greenhouse gasses. This methanol can be utilized as either a transport fuel or as an energy carrier for electricity storage. It is preferable to use inexpensive, reliable and renewable energy sources to provide the energy needed for the green methanol(More)
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