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Family studies were carried out to look at CR1 expression in 24 hydralazine-induced SLE patients (Hz Reactors), who had been off the drug for at least 1 year and were clinically well at the time of the study. Mean expression of CR1 was reduced by 27% in the group of hypertensives who had developed Hz-induced SLE compared with a group of 35 normal(More)
Chemodectomas in the carotid fork are rare and usually benign tumours. Their removal by surgery creates certain problems in terms of operating technique since they are, anatomically, awkwardly situated. An additional problem arises from loss of blood resulting from their removal and possible cardiac disturbance which might affect the functioning of the(More)
We report a case of pulmonary embolus which is presumed to have been of trophoblastic tissue in a woman in her second pregnancy who had a hyperactive hydatidiform mole. (The size of the uterus was 27 cm after thirteen weeks of amenorrhoea. The level of urinary H.C.G. was greater than 2 million international units per litre.) One hour after the uterus had(More)
Through an administrative error, the summary of the pesticide petition was not made available in the docket. The Agency has made the summary of the pesticide petition (PP 3F8177) available in the docket under docket ID number EPA–HQ–OPP–2013–0574 at http:// www.regulations.gov and is reopening the comment period for that pesticide petition (PP 3F8177) for(More)