Cindy Snauwaert

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Three novel heterotrophic, Gram-negative, yellow-pigmented, aerobic, gliding, oxidase- and catalase-positive bacteria were isolated from algae collected in the Gulf of Peter the Great, Sea of Japan.(More)
The taxonomic position of three novel, marine, heterotrophic, aerobic, pigmented, gliding bacteria, isolated from the green alga Ulva fenestrata in the Sea of Japan, was determined. 16S rRNA gene(More)
The intraspecific relationships among a collection of Enterococcus faecium isolates comprising probiotic cultures and human clinical isolates were investigated through the combined use of two(More)
Two marine, heterotrophic, aerobic, yellow-pigmented, agarolytic bacterial strains that are motile by means of gliding were isolated from the green alga Acrosiphonia sonderi and from sea water.(More)