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In the rendezvous search problem, two mobile agents must move along the Ò nodes of a network so as to minimize the time required to meet or rendezvous. When the mobile agents are identical and the network is anonymous, however, the resulting symmetry can make the problem impossible to solve. Symmetry is typically broken by having the mobile agents run(More)
Ad hoc networks consist of wireless, self-organizing nodes that can communicate with each other in order to establish decentralized and dynamically changing network topologies. Node discovery is a fundamental procedure in the establishment of an ad hoc network, as a given node needs to discover what other nodes are in its communication range. Existing(More)
The first step in forming an ad-hoc network is the discovery of other nodes. This procedure, called node discovery, involves two or more nodes in an ad-hoc, multichannel broadcast system that want to establish a common communication channel. Each node can either talk or listen in anyone of f frequencies, here denoted by 1, 2,. .. , f. The decision on(More)
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