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The cases of two sisters with late infantile Hallervorden-Spatz disease are reported, one of whom has died. Autopsy of the deceased patient showed typical pallidal lesions, such as axonal spheroids and iron deposits, without involvement of the substantia nigra. Ultrastructural examination revealed that pallidal axonal enlargements consisted of collection of(More)
AIM To evaluate fluctuations in anti-Xa concentrations in infants treated with enoxaparin for thrombosis and describe clinical outcomes. METHODS A retrospective chart review was performed on infants treated with enoxaparin in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and data on enoxaparin doses, anti-Xa concentrations, clinical characteristics and outcomes were(More)
Gynecomastia is a size increase of man's breast, due to non neoplastic ductal and glandular stroma proliferation. Prevalent ductal proliferation defines the "florid" type, while prevalent stroma increase defines the "quiescent" type. Pseudo-gynecomastia is a non glandular volume increase. Sonography is able to recognize the different parts of normal male(More)
Fifty human breasts removed for cancer by radical mastectomy were submitted to subgross analysis of the glandular tree as a whole, stained thin sections (2 mm) under a dissection microscope, followed by histologic study of the lesions found. The glandular tree was more often atrophic (70%) than hyperplastic (30%). The frequencies of physiopathologic changes(More)
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