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Ollier disease is a bone disorder characterized by the development of cartilaginous lesions which lead to a variety of bony deformities. Orthopaedic treatment is specific to the resulting deformity, and nursing care will vary according to the individual treatment plan. Successful intervention requires an interdisciplinary approach to care that addresses(More)
Maintaining health requires a dynamic balance between the influence of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory mediators. While inflammation serves an important protective role against infection, unrestrained inflammation is acutely lethal and unresolved inflammation contributes to a broad range of chronic disorders. Immunotherapy with cytokines themselves(More)
Ludwig's angina is a serious, often fatal infectious disease process that requires prompt intervention of life-saving therapies. The critical care nurses caring for a patient with Ludwig's angina must be able to recognize subtle changes in the patient's status and intervene quickly to prevent death by airway edema or profound sepsis.
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