Cindy L Austin

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to investigate moral distress (MD) and turnover intent as related to professional quality of life in physicians and nurses at a tertiary care hospital. METHOD Health care providers from a variety of hospital departments anonymously completed 2 validated questionnaires (Moral Distress Scale-Revised and Professional(More)
BACKGROUND Health care-associated infections are serious complications impacting 2 million patients and accounting for approximately 100,000 deaths per year. In the present study, we evaluated the effectiveness of a new hand hygiene monitoring program (HHMP) and measured the sustainability of this effectiveness over a 1-year period. METHODS The HHMP(More)
This article reviews four immunocompetent patients who developed a rare fungal infection, mucormycosis, secondary to multiple traumatic injuries sustained during an EF-5 tornado in Joplin, MO. Commonly found in soil and decaying organic matter, mucorales are fungi associated with soft tissue and cutaneous infections. Onset of this fungal infection can occur(More)
Although initially created for the treatment of rattlesnake (genus: Crotalus) bites, Crotalidae-Fab antivenin is used to treat many different pit viper envenomations. However, the efficacy of Crotalidae-Fab in preventing tissue loss from copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) or cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus) snakebites remains unclear. Recent reports(More)
Phillip J. Finley, PhD –#Corresponding Author 3 Rhy Norton, MS 4 Cindy Austin, MS 5 Amber Mitchell 6 Sara Zank, FNP 7 Paul Durham, PhD 8 9 10 1 Mercy Hospital Springfield 11 Division of Trauma & Burn Research 12 1235 E Cherokee, 7H 13 Springfield, MO 65804 14 15 16 2 Jordan Valley Innovation Center 17 Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences 18 524 N.(More)
BACKGROUND Since 2010, the use of Tranexamic Acid (TXA) in trauma has been brought to the forefront of severe hemorrhage treatment. However, the mixed literature illustrates the need for additional proof of efficacy and determining which patients may benefit from TXA. The purpose of this retrospective study was to evaluate a more stringent TXA inclusion(More)
The utilization of medical students, residents, and fellows within the orthopaedic trauma team helps alleviate workload demands. However, many nonacademic hospitals lack these clinical resources. Therefore, orthopaedic trauma surgeons often must be creative in developing alternative methods to better manage time, staff, and patients. Incorporating midlevel(More)
Increased utilization of inorganic silver as an adjunctive to many medical devices has raised concerns of emergent silver resistance in clinical bacteria. Although the molecular basis for silver resistance has been previously characterized, to date, significant phenotypic expression of these genes in clinical settings is yet to be observed. Here, we(More)
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