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—While today's learning management systems (LMSs) provide lot of support for teachers to assist them in holding online courses, they typically do not consider students' individual differences in the composition and structure of courses. In this paper, we introduce a mechanism for extending LMSs' functionality to provide learners with courses that fit their(More)
In online learning environments, teachers and course designers often get little feedback about how students actually interact with and learn in online courses. Most of the learning systems used by educational institutions store comprehensive log data associated with students' behaviours and actions. However, these systems typically reveal or report on very(More)
In online learning, educators and course designers traditionally have difficulty understanding how educational material is being utilized by learners in a learning management system (LMS). However, LMSs collect a great deal of data about how learners interact with the system and with learning materi-als/activities. Extracting this data manually requires(More)
This international panel presentation aims to explore and discuss the issues that emerge when an educational institution decides to develop learning analytics initiatives. While learning analytics may provide data that lead to improvements in the quality of teaching and learning design, and therefore has the potential to enhance the overall quality of(More)
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