Cindy Howells

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Approximately 40% of a skeleton including cranial and postcranial remains representing a new genus and species of basal neotheropod dinosaur is described. It was collected from fallen blocks from a sea cliff that exposes Late Triassic and Early Jurassic marine and quasi marine strata on the south Wales coast near the city of Cardiff. Matrix comparisons(More)
The EISCAT VHF radar (69.4°N, 19.1°E) has been used to record vertical winds at mesopause heights on a total of 31 days between June 1990 and January 1993. The data reveal a motion ®eld dominated by quasi-monochromatic gravity waves with representative apparent periods of 30±40 min, amplitudes of up to 2.5 m s and large vertical wavelength. In some(More)
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