Cindy Gordon

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PURPOSE Acid alpha-glucosidase is present in various tissues, including blood cells. Historically, enzyme measurement in cultured fibroblasts, or muscle, has been the gold standard to confirm a diagnosis of Pompe disease, due to the possibility of alternate isoenzyme activity masking disease in white cell assays. Enzyme measurement in an isolated lymphocyte(More)
one, a significant portion of CBGbound testosterone. We kindly invite Drs. Pardridge and Demers toprovide evidence to the contrary. Our observations merely indicate that there may be a moderate increase of testosterone secretion in consequence of corticotropin stimulation of the adrenals, which is reflected by total, free, and salivary testosterone(More)
OBJECTIVES Analysis of serum/plasma methylmalonic acid (MMA) is important for the diagnosis and management of methylmalonic acidemia in pediatric populations. This work focuses on developing and validating a liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) method to monitor methylmalonic acidemia using a simple method preparation. DESIGN AND(More)
The immediate early gene, c-fos, signals expression of target genes. Three natural occurring physiological entities: (1) learning, (2) plasticity, and (3) stress are proposed to use c-fos gene expression to signal molecular changes in neurons. The objective of this study was to determine whether c-fos expression is predominately activated by stress or by(More)
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