Cindy Gerhardt

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RATIONALE Reduced brain serotonin function is acknowledged as a vulnerability factor for affective disturbances. Since the production of serotonin is limited by the availability of its plasma dietary amino acid precursor tryptophan (TRP), the beneficial effects of tryptophan-rich alpha-lactalbumin whey protein (ALAC) have recently been studied. The effects(More)
Two congenic strains of RCS rats, RCS-p/+ and RCS-c, have been developed that differ from the parental strain at genetic loci affecting pigmentation. Inbred RCS rats are pink-eyed, while RCS-p/+ rats produce segregating litters of pink-eyed (p/p) and black-eyed (p/+) offspring, and RCS-c rats are albinos. All the strains are homozygous for the mutant form(More)
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