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Differentiation of human sexual orientation, particularly bisexuality, has been little studied. Most studies have lumped bisexuals with homosexuals. Those examining bisexuals separately have uniformly observed that bisexuals are often unlike either heterosexuals or homosexuals. Some authors have overgeneralized the results of animal studies as applying to(More)
PURPOSE To compare the extent of neuropsychiatric disturbances in two similar groups of HIV-infected patients treated for >4 weeks with either efavirenz (EFV) or protease inhibitors (PIs) as part of their antiretroviral therapy (ART). METHOD A cross-sectional, questionnaire-based cohort of HIV patients who received two nucleoside reverse transcriptase(More)
Relationships with overt adult Kinsey Scale scores (K) indicate that early sexual experiences are most closely related to K, followed in order by gender related and familial variables. A developmental model emphasizing social learning is presented. Interviewees were 7669 American white males and females. Elevated K (more homosexual scores) was found for(More)
A psychological screening protocol for individuals with paraplegia who, through functional neuromuscular stimulation (FNS), might develop stance and gait control is described. The efficacy of criteria to maximize the appropriate involvement of research candidates is reported. Accurate assessment of special needs for all participants, including persons(More)
The authors investigated the hypothesis that increased amounts of stress during and/or prior to adolescence would be associated with elevated use or abuse of drug substances by adolescents. Through the study the authors also provided further information regarding the usefulness of various techniques of life event surveying in the measurement of presumptive(More)
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