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Similarity comparisons are a basic component of cognition, and there are many elegant models of this process. None of these models describe comparisons of structured representations, although mounting evidence suggests that mental representations are well characterized by structured hierarchical systems of relations . We propose that structured(More)
It is probable. .. that man's superior association by similarity has much to do with those discriminations of character on which his higher flights of reasoning are based. The brute irrationality of our sense of similarity, its irrelevance to anything in logic and mathematics, offers little reason to expect that this sense is somehow in tune with the world.(More)
Using reading times and event-related brain potentials (ERPs), we investigated the processing of Japanese subject/object relative clauses (SRs /ORs). English ORs take longer to read (King & Just, 1991) and elicit left-lateralized/bilateral anterior negativity (LAN) between fillers and gaps (King & Kutas, 1995), which is largely attributed to a longer(More)
The slow progression of diabetic retinopathy makes it difficult to assess the effects of intervention therapy. There is thus a need for surrogate markers of visual change in diabetes. Colour vision tests and electroretinography (ERG) may be useful in this regard; yet little is known of their relative performance in the assessment of visual dysfunction in(More)
No studies have quantified the impact of pre-culture antibiotic use on the recovery of individual blood-borne pathogens or on population-level incidence estimates for Streptococcus pneumoniae. We conducted bloodstream infection surveillance in Thailand during November 2005-June 2008. Pre-culture antibiotic use was assessed by reported use and by serum(More)
Optimality Theory (OT) (Prince & Smolensky, 1993) characterizes linguistic knowledge as a ranked set of constraints that select the best possible output form of a word given a particular input. OT assumes that constraints are ordered transitively with respect to their violability. An artificial language learning paradigm was used to test this assumption by(More)
636 Background: In dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (DCEMRI), properties of tissue microvasculature and overall vascularity can be quantified using kinetics of contrast enhancement. It has been shown that areas with high signal enhancement ratio (SER) were significantly correlated with high tumor vascularity, and that mean SER in nearby non-cancerous breast(More)
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