Cindy F Connell

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PURPOSE To perform a phase II clinical trial to evaluate efficacy and safety of interactive magnetic resonance (MR) imaging-guided radiofrequency (RF) interstitial thermal ablation (ITA) of primary renal tumors. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten male patients (age range, 25-83 years) with peripheral renal cell carcinoma and contraindications to surgery were(More)
This clinical trial was performed to evaluate the safety and feasibility of interactive MR-guided radiofrequency (RF) interstitial thermal ablation (ITA) performed entirely within the MR imager. RF-ITA was performed on 11 intra-abdominal metastatic tumors during 13 sessions. The RF electrode was placed under MR guidance on a .2-T system using rapid fast(More)
In some parts of the world, SCC of the penis represents a significant health problem. Although in the early stages it can be cured by surgery, it is often advanced at the time of presentation and many patients refuse surgery. Once the lymph nodes are involved with tumor, the prognosis is poor, with a 5-year survival of 10% to 30%. Because of the high(More)
Good models for the investigation of human prostate cancer are few. Cells from approximately 9.2-21 ml of peripheral blood from patients with metastatic prostate cancer or metastatic colon cancer were injected s.c. into nude mice. Prostate cancer from 2 of 11 patients and colon cancer from 1 of 3 patients were found to be growing as metastases in the lungs(More)
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