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Tailoring the Specificity of a Plant Cystatin toward Herbivorous Insect Digestive Cysteine Proteases by Single Mutations at Positively Selected Amino Acid Sites1[OA]
Plant cystatins, similar to other defense proteins, include hypervariable, positively selected amino acid sites presumably impacting their biological activity. Using 29 single mutants of the eighthExpand
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Hybrid protease inhibitors for pest and pathogen control--a functional cost for the fusion partners?
Fusion proteins integrating dual pesticidal functions have been devised over the last 10 years to improve the effectiveness and potential durability of pest-resistant transgenic crops, but littleExpand
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Human activity recognition in big data smart home context
We propose to use very fast decision tree(VFDT) for activity recognition, a classification problem where classes correspond to activities. Expand
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