Cindy C. Gerhardt

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RATIONALE Reduced brain serotonin function is acknowledged as a vulnerability factor for affective disturbances. Since the production of serotonin is limited by the availability of its plasma dietary amino acid precursor tryptophan (TRP), the beneficial effects of tryptophan-rich alpha-lactalbumin whey protein (ALAC) have recently been studied. The effects(More)
In addition to their role in inflammation, cytokines like TNFalpha have been reported to regulate the adipose tissue function suggesting a role for these soluble mediators in metabolism. However, it is not known whether adipocytes have the capacity to secrete chemokines, a group of low molecular weight inflammatory mediators that control leukocyte migration(More)
The concept that adipocytes belong to an essential endocrine system with some characteristics of immune cells has recently emerged. The aim of this paper is to present evidence of the expression of CD4, CXCR4, and CCR5 receptors by human adipocytes and to test whether adipose cells support HIV entry. Primary human preadipocytes were cultured and(More)
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