Cindy Bowden

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The power-time traces for cells of Klebsiella aerogenes grown in phosphate-limited media were unlike those for cells grown in phosphate-sufficient media. At a phosphate concentration of 18 mumol dm-3 three phases of growth were recognized: the exponential growth phase during which phosphate became exhausted; a slower growth phase to the exhaustion of(More)
A parallel study has been made of the variation of the ATP pool and the specific power of cells of Klebsiella aerogenes during aerobic growth in glucose-limited medium under carefully defined conditions of growth and test. During the early part of exponential growth there was a marked increase in both the ATP pool and the specific power to near constant(More)
The addition of nalidixic acid (NA) to exponentially growing cells of Klebsiella aerogenes in simple salts/glucose media has a marked effect on the thermal and other growth parameters of the cells. Mass and energy balances have been established for normal and inhibited growth. The decrease, with increasing NA concentration, of energy allocated to biomass(More)
We investigate local-field effects in nonlinear optical materials composed of two species of atoms. One species of atom is assumed to be near resonance with an applied field and is modeled as a two-level system while the other species of atom is assumed to be in the linear regime. If the near dipole-dipole interaction between two-level atoms is negligible,(More)
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