Cihat Nazmi Baran

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The authors present their experience with the surgical treatment of capsular contracture to achieve better results in a safe, predictable, and practical way, and discuss the possible treatment modalities. They simply advise leaving the capsule intact, even if it is calcified, and create another pocket, rarely in the front or, more typically, at the back of(More)
Plastic surgeons have sought to improve nasolabial folds, jowls, jaw lines, and cervical contour with face-lifting procedures that are abundant in the literature. The retaining ligaments of the face support facial soft tissue in normal anatomic position, resisting gravitational change. As this ligamentous system attenuates, facial fat descends into the(More)
The orbital region is sensitive to the undesirable effects of any surgical intervention, because of its anatomical location and the importance of the eyelids in facial sign language. The procedures performed for correction of baggy eyelids may have remarkable undesired results. In recent years, we have made a special effort to analyze the causes, to(More)
Color and texture match is crucial in reconstruction of facial tissue defects. Between March of 1997 and July of 2000, island flaps based on the parietal, anterofrontal, centrofrontal, posterofrontal, and superior auricular branches of the superficial temporal artery were used in the reconstruction of tissue defects localized on different regions of the(More)
Hypospadias is a congenital anomaly characterized by a ventrally placed urethral meatus in a more proximal position on the midline than its normal position in the glanular part of the penis. In 1961, C. E. Horton and C. J. Devine, Jr., developed single-stage modern surgical techniques, namely, local skin flaps and free skin grafts, for urethra(More)
A method of repair is described for correction of abnormally enlarged nipple–areola complex following both periareolar mastopexy and pregnancy. Although during periolar mastopexy or reduction mammoplasty regular subcuticular dermal sutures may control the enlargement of nipple–areola complexes initially, the periareolar scar becomes hypertrophic and areolar(More)
There is no consensus in the literature on the use of prophylactic antibiotics to prevent postoperative infection. This study was performed to investigate whether the use of prophylactic antibiotics has an effect on postoperative infection rates. A total of 1400 patients were classified into four groups based on their diagnosis. During the induction of(More)
Fat grafts are used for soft-tissue augmentation of various anatomic regions, most frequently for the improvement of facial contours. Resorption of the graft is the main problem, and several different procedures have been described to minimize this phenomenon. Using 25 New Zealand rabbits, the behavior of fat grafts in a highly vascularized recipient site(More)
In Mediterranean countries, increased exposure to sunlight accelerates aging of the skin and the formation of wrinkles. The long-term follow-up results for the patients who underwent resurfacing with ultrapulsed carbon dioxide (CO2) laser are presented. All 47 patients who underwent ultrapulsed CO2 laser between 1994 and 1996 were included in the study. The(More)
The combination of chemical peeling and dermabrasion for the improvement of facial wrinkles, acne, posttraumatic scars, and abnormal pigmentation was first described by Dupont in 1972 and Horton in 1984. We have been using the combined technique since 1972, and we have obtained more satisfying results than by using these techniques independently. The(More)