Cigdem Okuyucu

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Environmental sounds (ES) have different characteristics, such as unstructured nature and typically noise-like and flat spectrums, which make recognition task difficult compared to speech or music sounds. Here, we perform an exhaustive feature and classifier analysis for the recognition of considerably similar ES categories and propose a best representative(More)
Within the Alpine tectonic units SE of the European Variscan Orogenic Belt in Bulgaria and NW Turkey several crustal blocks are identified. Although their contact relations with surrounding units are obscured by Alpine events, the differences in the succession of events, stratigraphy, sedimentology and palaeobiogeographical distribution within them permits(More)
Recognition of environmental sounds (ES) is a challenging problem due to the unstructured nature and typically noise-like and flat spectrums of these sounds. In the paper, we propose a composite audio feature to capture the different characteristics of ESs by combining spectral and harmonic audio features. In the experiments, thirteen (13) ES categories,(More)
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