Cibi Savio

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The radiographic evaluation of dental remains represents a significant aspect in the forensic identification process, particularly after an exposure to fire. The aim of this "in vitro" study was to evaluate the radiographic features of unrestored, endodontically treated and restored teeth after exposure to an experimental range of high temperatures. Ninety(More)
In large scale disasters associated with fire the damage caused by heat can make medico-legal identification of human remains difficult. Teeth, restorations and prostheses, all of which are resistant to even quite high temperatures can be used as aids in the identification process. In this project the behaviour and morphology of teeth and dental prostheses(More)
Detection of microaneurysms in retinal fundus images involves the proper selection of green sub-band channel of retinal fundus image illumination smoothing of retinal fundus image by bi-cubical interpolation blood vessel detection. Rotational cross-sectional profile analysis on the regional maximum pixels centered on regional maximum pixels and the peak(More)
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