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Data regarding the incidence, morbidity, and mortality of poisoning in older adults are limited. A retrospective review of enquiries to the National Poisons Information Centre, involving adults aged over-65 years, was conducted from 2001-2003 inclusive. Information on poisoning circumstances, patient demographics, type and number of agent(s), symptoms,(More)
The prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the over 50 age group is increasing as a consequence of younger adults ageing with HIV, in addition to new diagnoses in later life. We conducted searches in MEDLINE for English language studies published between January 1984 and January 2010 using search terms 'HIV', 'AIDS', 'HIV testing' and 'HIV(More)
The provision of life-sustaining ventilation, such as tracheostomy to critically ill patients, is commonly performed. However, the utilization of tracheostomy or extubation after a withdrawal of treatment decision is debated. There is a dearth of practical information available to aid clinical decision making because withdrawal of treatment is a challenging(More)
OBJECTIVE to examine the effects of footwear on balance in a sample of older women attending a day hospital. DESIGN this was a crossover trial with a quasi-randomised allocation. SETTING assessments took place in the geriatric day hospital. SUBJECTS a cohort of 100 older women aged 60 years and over attending a day hospital. METHODS demographic data(More)
The combination of hypertension and orthostatic hypotension in older individuals is becoming increasingly recognized. Managing this combination of disorders presents a treatment dilemma -- how to lower blood pressure to provide cardiovascular risk protection without predisposing to syncope. At present, there is no specific evidence base available with(More)
An 86-year-old lady presented to the accident and emergency department with a 90 min history of receptive and expressive dysphasia. There were no motor symptoms or visual symptoms reported. A partial anterior circulation stroke was diagnosed. On examination, she had a National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale of 6. CT angiography showed an occlusive(More)
An 85 year old man with a longstanding history of non-tophaceous gout developed a single large tophus, unassociated with inflammation, on his paretic leg over a six week period following an acute hemiplegia. The rapidity of tophus formation, its localisation to the paretic limb, and the apparent blunting of the acute inflammatory response represent a(More)